Keeping a ship like The Smoking Blaster running is relatively expensive although the benefits of having lots of cargo room and space to move around help make up for that.

Docking: At 75 meters long it requires a large dock, so 150 (standard) to 450 (Imperial) credits a day can be expected. Typically it takes 1 day to unload a cargo and 1 day to load a new cargo if arrangements have been made on the first day or before arriving.

Restocking: Once again it’s a big ship. Food, water, atmosphere, lubricant, fuel, and other necessities need to be replaced. This varies from 450 to 1600 per day the ship was in operation, so sometimes not restocking at an expensive stop can save a lot of money, but it can also cause more serious problems if something happens to the main hyperdrive.

Overhaul: Generally a hyperdrive can do about 20 jumps before needing an overhaul, but in larger ships with customized hyperdrives it can get expensive. The Smoking Blaster runs about 15,000 for an overhaul with the added risk that the hyperdrive has been modified well past legal limits.

To be profitable a job should pay over 450 credits a day.


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