The Bridge contains room for four crew members as well as providing readouts on all of the ship’s systems. From here the lasers can be remote operated, but fire control drops to -2D.


The Lounge has seats for eight people. A small hololibrary and encyclopedia is stored on the computer terminal, while a Djerik set is accessable in the corner. There are several jacks into a feedback exerciser for electronic workouts.

Crew Quarters

The crew quarters are three cramped cabins each having two bunks, a closet, and two small trunks. The computer is accessible from a terminal in each cabin but has no holodisplay.

Guest Quarters

These larger rooms were used to haul passengers. The previous owner didn’t haul passengers, so the rooms were used to store tools and random junk. Two of the rooms have hidden compartments in the floor each is 2 meters square and 1 meter deep (4 tons).


The airlock and hatchway can only be controlled from the panel just inside the airlock. The exterior door has a Strength of 6D. A closet next to the airlock contains 8 utility spacesuits with rocket packs attached.

Escape Pods

There are two four person escape pods. Each contains 4 man-weeks of concentrated rations and water, a 4 person survival shelter, 4 personal comlinks, 4 sets of one-size fits all (for humans) survival suits, and 4 ion flares.

Crawlway to cargo hold

The cargo hold can be accessed by a dark and dirty 5 meter long crawlway with manually operated hatches at both ends.

Cargo Holds (5)

Each hold is a wide open warehouse style space that can be individually controlled for temperature, gravity, atmosphere, and light from the bridge. They can be divided up with self-sealing dividers that had a STR 4D.

Crawlway to Ventral Gun

The guns were added, so the crawlway goes through exposed wires, ducting, and machinery. There is a sealing hatch at each end to keep the integrity of the spaces. The length of the crawlway is 15 meters.

Crawlway to Dorsal Gun

Goes through machinery and has sealing hatches at each end, but the crawlway is only 2 meters long, making it easier to get to than the ventral gun.

Gun Pods

The pod is a small cramped cocoon with exposed wiring and machinery. A targeting computer takes up much of the interior space and there is an intercom to the bridge and the other gun pod.




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