House Rules

OPEN MOUTH: From this point on any time something comes out a players mouth it is assumed to come out the character’s mouth (if you don’t want your character to say it then keep it to yourself).

Force: Force is bought as a single attribute that cannot be improved later. Each power is bought as a separate skill.

Dodge: Going back to each dodge as an action, but full dodge still adds range to difficulty. This will make cover more important than high dodge scores although it eliminates the value of declared dodges.

Changing targets: Adding a 1D penalty for changing targets in addition to the 1D for extra actions.

Hits: Characters have a number of hits per wound category equal to pips in STR.

Healing: A medpac heals 1D hits per 10 rolled on Medicine. A second one used within a 24 hour period is at a -5 to healer’s roll (cumulative). Without a medpac a character can heal 1 hit per 10 rolled (again with the penalty for more than one attempt per day).


A gambler is someone who makes a living gambling, but a big high stakes game is not the same as steady games used for income. Treat gambling like a high stakes investment. Roll once per month for profit/loss with a 15 being a base 10% of stakes as income. On a complication ignore the number and all stakes are lost.

2 or less: Lose 50%
3-5: Lose 35%
6-8: Lose 20%
9-11: Lose 10%
12-14: Break Even
15-18: 10% Gain
19-21: 20% Gain
22-24: 35% Gain
25-27: 50% Gain
28-30: 100% Gain
31+:200% Gain

Droid Customization

Raise skill to Attribute+2D is 400 Credits

Raise Attribute by 1 pip or add 1 skill 5% base cost

Raise attribute second pip or add second new skill 10% base cost

Raise attribute third pip or add third new skill 15% base cost

Raise attribute fourth pip or add fourth new skill 20% base cost

Raise attribute fifth pip or add fifth new skill 25% base cost

Built in gear, double normal cost


Cybernetic systems are limited to 1D+2 enhancement to attribute/skill

Costs are as per Galladniums based on highest skill under attribute. The base cost of a Cyborg Construct is 15,000. Droid/Gear modified into a cybersystem cost double the base price in addition to surgery.


Lightsaber Construction

The parts to assemble the lightsaber are 500 credits while the typical Illum or Synthetic crystals generally run 1,000 credits in the size and quality necessary for a lightsaber. Adegan crystals are harder to come by but carry a force signature making some Jedi prefer them. A Mephite crystal is worth 2,000 credits when available and the rare Pontite crystal would be 5,000 credits but gives the lightsaber a 5D+2 base damage rating.

Assembly is considered a month long process but can take much longer if the builder is cautious or be done faster by a confidant builder.

Assembly time (Difficulty)
4 Months (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-10)
3 Months (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-15)
2 Months (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-20)
1 Month (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-25)
2 Weeks (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-30)
1 Week (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-35)
2 Days (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-40)
1 Day (Weapon Repair/Lightsaber-45)

Improving Damage can be done like other weapons, but requires additional parts and time.

First pip improvement = 250 credits/Easy roll (500 credits for Pontite saber)
Second pip improvement = 500 credits/Moderate roll (1,000 credits for Pontite)
Third pip improvement = 750 credits/Difficult roll (1,500 credits for Pontite)
Fourth pip improvement = 1,000 credits/Very Difficult roll (2,000 credits for Pontite)
Fifth pip improvement = 1,250 credits/Heroic roll (2,500 credits for Pontite)

Each improvement takes a month.

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