Tac Sadow / Rik Corruss

Slicked back brown hair, square jaw, brown eyes, 1.8 meters tall, 21 years old


Tac Sadow (aka Rik Corruss) : Human Corellian
Rear Admiral within unit: 1000 credits / month
Character points: 19 Force points: 4
Lifetime: 21 years Archetype:
Description: Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Fair Skin
Quote: “Now What?!”, “Really?!”, “Why Me?…”

Acrobatics: 4D* Astrogation: 6D Athletics 3D*+1
Beast riding 4D* Communications 5D* Brawling 3D*+1
Bows and slings 4D* Driving 5D* Intimidation 3D*+1
Dancing 4D* Gunnery 5D* Lifting 3D*+1
Dodge 4D* Operate machine 5D* Swimming 3D*+1
Firearms 4D* Piloting 6D+2
Flying / zero-g 4D* Power suit 5D*
Melee 4D* Sensors 5D*
Running 4D*
Sleight of hand 4D*
Thrown Weapons 4D*
spec: Blaster 4D spec: Piloting Transport 7D+2 spec:
spec: spec: spec:
spec: spec: spec:
Alien Species 3D* Artist 5D* Armor repair 4D*
Bureaucracy 3D* Bargain 6D*^ Computer repair 4D*
Business 3D* Command 5D* Construction 4D*
Cultures 3D* Con 5D* Demolitions 4D*
Languages 3D* Gambling 5D* Droid repair 4D*
Law Enforcement 3D* Hide / Sneak 6D Forgery 4D*
Medicine 3D* Interrogation 5D* Hyperdrive repair 4D*
Planetary System 3D* Investigation 5D* Machinery repair 4D*
Scholar 3D* Persuasion 5D* Programming 4D*
Streetwise 3D* Search 5D Security system 4D*
Survival 3D* Vehicle repair 4D*
Tactics 3D* Weapon repair 4D*
Willpower 3D*
spec: Language: Binary spec: spec:
spec: spec: spec:
spec: spec: spec:

Blastech DL-44 (Modified) dmg: 6D+2, ammo: 25, short:3-7,medium:25,long:50,
3 power packs,
Credits: 1,019,917
On person: 1,000
Possessions: R5 (R5-0N0), survival pack, comlink, Blastech DL-44, Power Packs 3 / 3, Utility belt, Nebulon-Q Swoop bike.
Ship Fund: 513,496 credits
Corelian Guild: 10,000
Nebulon-Q Craft: Mobquet Nebulon-Q Swoop Type: Swoop Scale: Speeder Length: 3 meters
Skill: Swoop operation Crew: 1 Cargo Capacity: 2 kilograms Cover: 1/4
Altitude Range: Ground level-350 meters Cost: 5,500 (new), 1,050 (used) Maneuverability: 4D
Move: 210; 600 kmh Body Strength: 1D Source: Pirates & Privateers (pages 49-50)
Fake ID card for Rik Corruss

Corellian Spacer’s Guild (10,000 credit level member ship as Tac)
Corellian Spacer’s Guild (10,000 credit level member ship as Rik)—
Captain of The Astral Kite Mk. II


Born and raised on Corellia, Tac Sadow was the only son of a freighter pilot (father) and a Corellian Noble (mother). At the Age of 10, Tac’s father was killed when his ship, the Ilan Zephyr, was destroyed. The cause of the ships destruction is unknown. Tac has always wanted to follow his father’s foot steps and took piloting lessons from his father’s best friend, a fellow Corellian named Horo Kimeln. Horo took Tac on short distance runs from Corellia to nearby star systems. At age 15, he started working on Horo’s ship, a YT-1210 light freighter called “The Swallowtail.”

With the money he earned as ship hand, Tac bought a license for a Blastech DL-44 and bought a used (and slightly abused) R5 series astromech droid called R5-0N0, nicknamed “Oh-Noh.”

At 20, Tac thanked Horo for his instruction and guidance. He started looking for his own ship to start his own freighter operation. He eventually found a contact that could get him a loan for a Loronar Corporation medium transport called “The Smoking Blaster.” Tac applied for the loan. Unfortunately, the contact didn’t tell Tac that the loan would come from the crime lord Yosger. Already in for it, Tac hunched his shoulders and grudgingly started to pay off the ship by doing runs for the crime lord. After about half a year of uneventful runs and the ship almost being payed off, pirates started raiding The Smoking Blaster. Cargo was lost. Tac and his fellow crew members were held accountable for the losses. They had to take out more loans from the crime boss and fell close to debt. After one final negotiation, Yosger agreed to give them one more chance to make amends. And so our campaign begins…

… And things haven’t gotten better since…

Tac Sadow / Rik Corruss

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