Prindaar Antares

Gotal mercenary Captain of the 'Idiot's Array' commando team


Captain Prindaar Antares

Archtype: Mercenary
Species: Gotal
Born: Year 3,608 after the Treaty of Coruscant (45 BBY)
Homeworld: Antar 4

Character Points: 7
Lifetime CP: 30
Force Points: 1
Move: 10

Description: 1.8 meters tall

Quote: “You really don’t want to do that. Trust me."

DEX: 4d+2
Firearms: Slugthrower 6d+2:7d+2
Melee: Knives 6d+2:7d+2

KNOW: 2d

MECH: 1d

PER: 5d
Bargain: 6d
Gambling: Sabaac 7d:8d+2

STR: 4d+1

TECH: 1d

Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, Antarian (Gotal)


Set of Fine Clothing
2,348 Imperial Credits
Breath Mask
Knife (Dam: 5d+1)
Molecular Stilleto (Dam: 6d)
Czerka SH-9 Silenced Pistol (Dam: 3d+2 Ammo 10 Range 3-10/30/60) 50 rds ammo
Quickdraw Holster for SH-9 (2d to initiative on quickdraw)
11 Doses of Halodreshen
Stun Grenade (Dam 6d Stun)
Sabaac Deck

Maglocked Spacer Chest-
1,035,000 Imperial Credits
5 Void Spider Silk Suits (1d+2 armor, no DEX)
Coruscant Cascader
Set of Normal Clothing
Inconnu 1284 Sniper Rifle w/ Silencer (Dam: 4d+1 Ammo 10 Range 5-50/180/420) 49 rds ammo
Vibro-Axe (Dam: 7d+1)
2 Knives (Dam: 5d+1)
Shadowsuit (+2d to sneak)
4 Iyra Gravity Belts
2 Radell Mining Business Suits
Fibra-Rope Spool
Filter Canteen

Chadak Survival Pack-
two week’s rations
three medpacs
glow rod
two thermal flares
a single-person di-chrome shelter
breath mask
six meters of syntherope
portable fusion power generator

(Special missions-issue packs may include vibropick, fusion cutter,
pocket computer, recording rod, portable field scanner,
macrobinoculars, standard explosive charge, exposure suit,
portable moisture vaporator.)


An Idiot’s Array was a rare hand that can be achieved in some versions of sabacc. It consists of The Idiot, a two of any suit, and a three of the same suit (though in some versions, the two and three were not required to be suited). Rather than being added together, which under normal sabacc rules would give a total of five (2 + 3 plus the Idiot’s value of zero), it was read as 23. An Idiot’s Array trumps even Pure Sabacc (a score of positive or negative 23).

Gotals formed intense bonds with one another upon first meeting, and love at first “sight” was the norm among Gotals, whose empathic nature made the elaborate courtship rituals of other sentients unnecessary. Gotal would mate for life, and would bear young as soon as their lifestyles permitted it. Gotals only spoke to each other to relay abstract information, since they had no need to vocally express their emotions (Ironically, since Gotals spoke in a non-inflected monotone, they seemed emotionless to Humans and other non-Gotals.)

Gotals were part of galactic society as far back as the early days of the Galactic Republic. During this time, Gotals served the Republic as Jedi and as Antarian Rangers. In the Republic’s later years, however, their relations with other cultures became troubled. Conflicts such as the Duinuogwuin-Gotal conflict and the Separatist Crisis resulted in the Gotals taking the losing side in the Clone Wars.

Captain Antares fought in the Clone Wars and lost his mate during one of the enemy attacks. He became a mercenary after the Clone Wars, taking jobs where he could find them. Eventually he put together a team of cutthroat mercenaries who specialized in messy wetwork. They had their own Redthorn Scout Ship converted to haul the team in the cargo bay and piloted by a Veknoid named Miir. The main fighting force consisted of Prindaar, Blaster, Nikolai, Quik and six others who weren’t lucky enough to make it back from their last fight. And then there was Coop, the team tech. Unfortunately they lost the ship and six men in some heavy fighting in a hangar on the Dravian Starport near the planet Totellier.

Their employer had sent a team to take them out under the assumption they had double-crossed and robbed him. The surviving members split up. Some stayed at the station where they were either incarcerated, in debt, or unable to gain employment or passage off. Quik and Nikolai left for greener pastures. Eventually the two returned to the station on The Smoking Blaster and the team was reunited for another job…

After a series of profitable but risky ventures and making some serious enemies, Prindaar decided to retire on Dantooine with his new found seperatists friends who had just declared rebellion against the Empire.

Prindaar Antares

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