Garf Arbuckle

Togorian Bodyguard from Alderaan assigned to protect "Princess"


Garf Arbuckle

Archtype: Bodyguard
Species: Togorian
Homeworld: Alderaan

Character Points: 2
Lifetime CP: 10
Force Points: 1
Move: 14

Description: Three meters tall with orange fur. Wears scintillating robes of void spider silk. Fond of spiced Alderaanian wines, fine art and good food.

Quote: “Let’s keep this civil, shall we?”

DEX: 5d
Firearms: Blaster 5d:6d

KNOW: 1d

MECH: 2d

PER: 4d
Search: Urban 6d:7d

STR: 5d
Brawling: Claw 7d:8d+1
(A) Martial Arts 2d+1

TECH: 1d

Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, Togorian


Claw (STR+1d=6d)
Bite (STR+2d=7d)
T-21 Repeating Blaster (Dam:6d/Ammo:25/Range:3-50/120/300) – Stowed in spacer chest

Gear Carried
Void Spider Silk Robes (+1D+2 armor, no Dex penalty)
Civilian Comlink
225 credits

Stowed Gear
Mag-locked Spacer Chest (8d damage to break)
Fast-flesh Medpac – Stowed in spacer chest

Uratech A14 Repulsorlift Disk
Crew: 1
Pass: 0
Cargo: 2kg
Speed 35; 100 kmh
Maneuver: 1d
Body: 1d
Ceiling: 25 km

Garf Arbuckle

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