Guardian Droid and faithful pet of Princess



GV Guardian Droid

DEX: 2d
Blaster: 4d
Melee: 4d
Dodge: 3d+2
Running: 4d
KNOW: 1d
Alien Species: 2d
Intimidation: 4d
MECH: 3d
Communications: 3d
Sensors: 4d
PER: 2d
Search: 3d
STR: 3d
Brawling: 4d

Bite does STR+2 damage
Retractable Blaster (3d dam/Range:0-3/10/20) – Set to stun
Move: 13
Size: 1.5m tall


Being of Alderaanian origin, BINGO’s blaster is set to stun as a default setting. The droid can switch to lethal for fighting other droids or targeting equipment, such as locked doors. Typically, BINGO will use intimidation, then the non-lethal blaster to deter would-be assailants, resorting lastly to his bite if this does not work.


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