Star Wars: Cold War

Session II
Into Tapani

Achillea was a planet that was located within the Cadriaan Province of the Tapani sector. It was a tradeworld on the Shapani Bypass hyperspace route and was one of House Cadriaan’s primary worlds.

The planet boasted shallow, warm seas and three large land masses; Achillea’s urban centers were located on the northernmost continent. The capital city, Cadriell, was situated on a peninsula on the west coast, where it was surrounded by spectacular cliffs that overlooked the ocean.

Achillea’s small southern continent hosted huge spacia tree plantations which were farmed for spacia wood that was made into furniture. Manufactured on Achillea, such furniture was in great demand throughout the galaxy.


While Achillea is a prime world of House Cadriaan, it is Baron Quinn Sheffield of House Reena that manages to extend the first formal invitation to the House Sterling nobles during their visit. Sheffield has prepared a feast honoring the recent accomplishments of Alderaan, although he is careful to not mention the taking of Coruscant specifically.

Cocktail Hour

The evening begins with soft music and light refreshments so people can mill about and catch up on news. A Bith band called Mesmer’s Nebula plays soft dinner music from Empress Teta. The servers are all Twi’Lek women in Barnaban Felt dresses.

The Menu includes: Mon Calamarian seafood finger foods, Stuffed Plavonian starfish, Raw Rockfish twists, Grilled sea cucumbers in a blanket, Algae-bread, Duros Ale, Coruscant blush wine, Bothan brandy, Mistwater imported from Barnaba.

In attendance are Baron Quinn Sheffield of House Reena, Baron Munsk of House Barnaba, Sir Ajax Wennel a Knight of House Cadriaan, Sir Trevas Jotane a Knight of House Calipsa, Baroness Mellona Gantrolo of House Palagia, Baron Lucian Hejaran of House Mecetti. In addition there are a number of retainers and royal servants.

Dining Hour

The social hour ends with the serving of the soup, specifically Ukian Torbull tail soap, Neonan red cheese, and Ryloth mushroom bread.

During the soup light conversation continues and the guests will be expected to share news of the core with the larger group. Baron Sheffield will discuss the Vor-Cal hunt which is coming up in the next month or so where nobles are taken to an undeveloped world to do a hunt for a creature which isn’t revealed until they get there.

A salad follows the soup made of fresh greens from Barnaba with Coruscant red wine Vinaigrette.

While most of the nobles are closed mouth about their feelings in the larger political scheme of things Sir Jotane and Sir Wennel are clear that they have srtong anti-Imperial sentiments.

The Main Course consists of Roasted Rodian Karstag with algae-bread stuffing, baked Corellian potatoes, and steamed Verdian vine beans.

Baroness Gantrolo will mention that Pelagia was once very strongly allied with the old republic when they had a considerable force of Jedi although Baron Hejaran will scoff at this and suggest the entire galaxy is safer without the Jedi and their constant string of dark jedi warlords.

Dessert will eventually be brought out with Barnaban Mist-pudding, Herglic algae ice cream, and Corellian air cake

After the dessert there will be an opportunity to talk individually more for those who want to socialize before calling it an evening.

Session I
Campaign Relaunch

Under the cover of Alderaanian Noble Diplomats, the team has been sent into the Tapani Sector to uncover the strength, numbers and activities of the Imperial Pentastar Alliance there.

Ladies Hailey, Bailey and Kailey of House Sterling on Alderaan have traveled onboard their Corellian Corvette ‘Corona’ to establish diplomatic relations. They bring with them their house retainer Samado, personal chauffer Tac and four house guards (Sage, Kamahl, Blaster and Flambeaux). In addition they have a guard dog droid named REX and an assortment of protocol and personal valet droids.

For off-ship excursions, they have an Astral-8 limo and two Naboo speeders for escort.

The Current Roster is;

Sage Tymone

Kamahl Smith


Stylo “Blaster” Bite

Tac Sadow

Samado Quinn

Bailey Sterling

Hailey Sterling

Kailey Sterling


The Corona

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation CR70 Corvette

Era: Rise of the Empire

Type: Mid-sized multi-purpose vessel
Scale: Capital
Length: 150 meters
Skill: Piloting: Capital Ship
Crew: 150 (mostly droids)
Crew Skill: Astrogation 6D, Gunnery 6D, Piloting 6D, Sensors 6D
Passengers: 600
Cargo Capacity: 800 metric tons
Forward Bay: 1 Shuttle and 4 Starfighters
Belly Bay: 2 Speeder Trucks/Construction Vehicles and 6 Airspeeders/Light Transports
Consumables: 1 year
Cost: 2.9 million (base) 18.25 million as modified with Aurora Droids, 2-1B, and Servant Droid staff.
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 3D
Space: 8
Atmosphere: 365; 1050 kmh (210; 600 km/h underwater)
Hull: 5D
Shields: 3D (1D Underwater)

Passive: 150/2D
Scan: 300/3D
Search: 450/4D
Focus: 10/5D


16 Incom W-34t Quad Turbolaser Turrets
Type: Turbolaser
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: gunnery: Turbolaser
Weight: 160 tons total
Space Range: 3-15/35/75
Atmosphere Range: 6-30/70/150 km
Fire Control: 4D
Damage: 11D (5D vs Capital)

20 Comar f-9 Quad Heavy Ion Cannon Turret
Type: Heavy ion cannon
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: gunnery: Ion Cannon
Space Range: 1-3/7/36
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/700/3.6 km
Fire Control: 5D
Damage: 8D ion damage (2D vs Capital)

3 Bonadon Cargo-Mover Quad Tractor Beam
Fire Arc: 1 front, 1 left, 1 right
Type: Light ship-to-ship tractor beam
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: gunnery: Tractor Beam
Space Range: 1-3/7/15
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/700/1.5 km
Fire Control: 3D
Damage: 6D

Optimized Repair and Fabrication Shops/Design and customization Labs: 3D bonus to Repair and Engineering work for if work done in the appropriate shop/lab. Agriculture, Armor, Computer, Construction, Cybernetic, Demolition, Droid, Genetic, Hyperdrive, Machinery, Security, Vehicle, and Weapon available.

Optimized Medical Suite: 3D Bonus to Medicine plus equipped with 10 surgical beds, 50 bacta tanks, 10 Synoptic Teachers, and 10 staffed 2-1B medical Droids.

Optimized Library and Intuitive Data Recovery System: +3D to Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Business, Cultures, Planetary Systems, Scholar, and Tactics.

Luxury Appointments, Wood Paneling, Full Environmental Compartmentalization, Luxury Food Dispensers and Chef Droids, Sun Rooms, Live Garden, Bio-Refreshers, Editing Studio, Holo-Deck, Gym/Dojo, Music Studio, Holo-Studio and Improved Inertial Dampening for general relaxation and 3D bonus to Artist, Disguise, Forgery, or Teaching checks if work/entertaining done on ship.

Full Holonet Communications Suite with Data-Sifting and Mainframe (3D bonus to Programming and 10 memory banks with 20D storage each).

9,000 emergency fold out cots; effectively removes all entertainment, luxury/leisure, and work space when at more than 50% capacity. (Life support limited to 1 month at full capacity).

100 Standard eight-being escape pods with 2 weeks life support for 8, 8 environmental suits (large human size with straps to tighten on smaller beings), 8 Chadak survival packs (no extra gear), 8 Breath Masks, 8 Filter canteen, 8 E-11 Blaster Rifle, and 16 Power Packs in each pod.

Has Scoops and solid converters with a processing center to lower restocking costs to 1/10 normal. Still 5-10,000 per day depending on where the ship is serviced.

Session 13
Sith Temple of Doom!

Exar Kun I Presume.

The characters elected to await the arrival of the Jedi Masters before proceeding to the planet surface. The artifact to defeat Exar Kun is most likely in his hands if not destroyed at this point and the group struggled enough fighting his students.

Session 12
Prison Ship Blues

Part of the party is captured in a Dungeon ship and the others are trying to rescue them, but have already ran afoul of tractor beams and Sith adepts backed up by 0-G troopers.

Session 11
Heroes of the Republic

The Phoenix Group will spend some time enjoying their status as heroes while the political types get things figured out and start making maneuvers to woo the independent and Imperial systems into joining the Republic.

The Republic is feeling quite generous at the moment, so the heroes will want to make any outlandish requests before the financial issues start setting in. In the meantime as instant celebrities they will be wined and dined by the rich and famous if they so desire.

Kenobi and Ti convince Yoda to join them and connect with Bnar and Saa to build a new Jedi Academy where the old Jedi library was located on Ossus. Luke and Leia travel with some other force sensitives to train at the new academy so they can be ready for the Empire’s inevitable counter-strikes.

After a few months of “The Good Life” characters are approached about taking on another mission . . .

Session 10
Pick Up Lines

Characters are going to Kuat to extract two sets of operatives; one from the planet surface and one from the orbital shipyards. Security is tight at both, so caution is advised . . .

Session 9
Tatooine Sunburn

The team split into two units both operating in Anchorhead with one going after the BoSS records and the other going after the Imperial garrison holocom to access broader Imperial records.

Taking an extra day to do recon work both teams managed to pull off their ops with minimal complications. Meanwhile Shaak-Ti went out to find ObiWan Kenobe and then made a side trek to get Adar Tallon but didn’t have the same complication free operation. A Sith assassin who discovered Kenobe’s location complicated his pickup and then they discovered Tallon had also been detected and Vader was moving into the system.

The other teams got word there were bounty hunters after Tallon and decided to contact Shaak-Ti, but she was concentrating on escaping the dozen ground attack tie fighters chasing her back with her passengers. The blasts of concussion missiles hitting around the city alerted the teams to the danger and they fled. Evading capture they each took some minor damage to their ships but made an escape.

As the information they brought back was being analyzed the team was taken back towards the core for an operation at Kuat . . .

Rewards: 1 Force Point and 5 Character Points

Session 8
New Beginnings

With their new found wealth the characters are able to alter their destiny. The majority of the group seems headed into conflict while some seek to skirt it or remove themselves before the hammer comes down upon them.

The expense of keeping up something like the Corona may entice the characters to make bolder attacks on either criminals or the Empire not just for vengeance or justice but to cover operating costs.

Session 7
Ryloth Blues

The team had several loads to deliver on Ryloth and figured on spending ten days hustling cargoes to get them all moved.

That combined with the long wait to land due to Heat Storms put them about five months through 3 BBY timeline and down 26 days on consumables. Docking will be 1000 credits if they don’t spend any additional time on Ryloth and the restock rate for the Blue Lightening would be 1100 credits per day restocked.

The port at Kala-Uun is really just a landing field so docking is 100 credits per day for the Blue Lightening, but food and fuel are expensive since they have to be imported.

Session 6
Show Me The Money

Characters planning on getting the “Blue Lightening” refitted with the money from the lost cargoes on the ship.

With the anticipation of a month in port for work Rath elects to take a 28,000 credit pleasure cruise on the Kuari Princess. Others suggested getting new equipment or upgrades, some may gamble, and some may find lucrative work as “Bounty Hunters” on the side.


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